By David Cox

Torch the Dragon may look malevolent with his battle helmet, metallic armor, and the 20-foot fireballs he shoots from his toothy grin, but really he’s just here to party. His days of destruction are behind him… for the most part. Nowadays he has settled into a life of leisure in Orange County, California, where he spends his weekends training at regional festivals in preparation for his yearly pilgrimage back to the homeland: Black Rock Desert. At Burning Man, Torch alias himself with a merry band of degenerates in The Dragons Lay-Her Camp. In this group, he has taken on the unofficial title of, transportation commissioner and lead rabble-rouser. In this role, Torch spends much of the week on the move in Black Rock City, stretching his wings, flying head-on into dust storms, blasting beats from his earth-rattling stereo, and lighting the night for all his bipedal friends to party on in the shadow of his flames.

*immersion square