Los Angeles prides itself on being the entertainment capital of the world. Everyday people travel from all over the world to see the city where dreams come true and stars are born. This reputation has attracted thousands of aspiring artists to join our community and turn Los Angeles into a City of Creatives. Our community is flooded with artists, innovators, pioneers, and dreamers. Angelenos have remarkable gifts that have been celebrated and praised globally.

     However, while the world is applauding, our home is silent. Los Angeles does not celebrate art the way the rest of the world does. This city is deprived and far behind any other metropolis. Our community is starving for acknowledgement, appreciation and inspiration. Art is the greatest form of entertainment and if we truly are the capital, then our city should be flourishing with art.

     So a team of empowered women who were inspired by their creative community and passionate about their city came together and started a movement. This movement transforms Los Angeles into a cultural wonderland that inspires our community and entertains our visitors. It pushes creative boundaries and invents the unimaginable. It produces spectacle and grandeur as the world expects Los Angeles to do. This movement is a cultural destination and a global influence in the arts community.

This movement is PLAYASCAPE