By Tyler Fuqua and Jason Hutchinson

Over 35 feet wide, Mechan 9 is a giant fallen metal robot.  Sprawled out on it’s back with it’s arms out wide and missing a foot, Mechan 9 is completely climbable and at only about six feet tall, it is easy to scale up any appendage and gaze into it’s mirrored heart chamber.  Like a character out of a children’s book, the giant robot has a personality which mostly comes from it’s wide, friendly eyes.

On the side of Mechan 9’s head is a hatch.  On this hatch is an illuminated question mark and beneath that is a handle. Upon opening the hatch one will find the decoder to the strange text engraved on plaques all over  Mechan9.  This decoder will allow people to decipher the text and begin on the journey of unraveling the mystery of Mechan 9 through a scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt has five stops each one with a robot shaped sign telling the next part of the story of the giant metal creature.  Along the way you will learn where it came from, what it is doing here, who built it, and why it is damaged.  There is a big twist ending!

*interaction park